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    Sorting problem

      We have a warehouse that preps our machines for deployment. We load the McAfee agent 4.5 framework package through SCCM after ghost. Once the McAfee client loads, it is supposed to report into the ePO server and the system’s location is supposed to sort based on being in the warehouse subnet. On machines that were in other sort groups previously, this is not happening with any semblance of consistency. This is causing problems because we use different client deployment tasks for deployed machines (weekly) vs. warehouse machines (run immediately). I've verified that sorting criteria does not overlap, and there is no single group that this is happening to. I am having to run a query every morning for machines that have checked in on that subnet and then manually sort them (which works fine, but is time consuming for our warehouse staff). Any ideas why my machines will not sort properly on check-in?

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          Assumption:  You have this option set in the ePO config: "System Tree sorting:  Sort systems on each agent-server communication"


          What I would do would be to create a TAG where the criteria is an IP on the "warehouse" subnet.  Ensure that this option is checked "" in the evaluation tab of the tag create/edit menu.


          Then add the tag to the warehouse system tree branch as sorting criteria.  Then I would place that system tree branch at the top of the sorting order.


          Hopefully, this will be more consistent in sorting for you.