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    sdat update installation

      Hi ,


      i would like to ask, after installing the VirusScan then update it with SDAT file. Do i have to install first some old SDAT or ill use the new SDAT instead?

      do they have same effect? please help me on this..


      thank you very much...

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          Hello Bawanwood,


          If you are installing VirusScan Enterprise and wants to update it right after the installation using a SDAT, you can just download the latest Superdat available at the McAfee website and you are good to go.


          Note: After installing VSE, you can also just run an update task and it should update VSE (engine and dats) automatically without needing to download a SDAT. When running an update task it will start to download the engine and dat files separated and will update VSE to you.




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            Hi Bruno,


            thank you for your reply ... do they have same effect if i include the old SDATS? because i still have the old SDATS from previous downloads. is that mean that they are only overwrite the files on every update?


            Best Regards,



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              Hi Bawanwood,


              Sdats are large files and they are used usually in specific circunstances when you need just completes a VSE installation and wants to force dat and engine update right after the installation in an environment where you do not have internet access or access to your ePO server. After you install a Sdat in a machine, you can delete it. So if you have several Sdats from previous version, just delete them.


              VirusScan Enterprise has an update task (take a look in your VirusScan console) which will update Dat and Engine on daily basis. By default this task runs every time at 05:00pm. This will download only incremental files which are really small (less than 1MB) and they are enough to update your product. On daily basis, your product should be performing updates using this update task instead of downloading a new superdat every day.

              Hope this helps.