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      Does anyone use gen 3 hardware(s) (such as E2000 and S25) and sign licensing extended over the hardware EOS(2011/6/30) ?


      I'd like to know and share if anyone is the same situation and how they're goin' to do RMA after the EOS date.


      Should I concern about RMA with gen 3 hardware after the EOS date ???

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          We encouraging our customers to upgrade the Gen3 hardware to Gen4 or Gen5.  The reason we have to maintain the 6/11 EOL date for the hardware is that component parts become obsolte and therefore difficult to fulfill RMA's after the EOL date.  Any reason why you are not considering upgrading your current hardware?




          Gary Ulaner

          Product Management

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            Hello boss,


            I'm ok with upgrading the appliance with no costs but I'm not ok to purchase another box
            because we already purchased box (as gen 3 appliances) and signed licensing for HW support contract over the EOL date.


            Should I need to purchase another gen 4 or gen 5 box to fulfill RMA's after the EOL date ?
            Are there any way with no costs to fulfill RMA's after the EOL date ?