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    ePO and free space issue

      Is any possibility to manage ePo to check how much free space an hard drive before downloading any updates.

      I have issue in our company: we have about 600 filials which connect to internet with slow ADSL. I want to check free space before downloading, becouse if there's no free space mcafee makes try downloading too many times and overload internet connection ()

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          Attached is a report on free disk space that you can modify as needed. I hope it helps.





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            How to use this xml file?

            I'm supporter of filials, I need any how to manage ePo to not download updates if space on clients disk less than 1024 Mb.



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              This is a query that you will import into ePO. This query is setup to show any system with a drive under 500Mb, I believe. After you identify the systems

              that have disk limitations you can tailor the update task to not update these systems. I would setup a group of those systems with the limitation. When you get to disk space that low,

              I would suspect you have other system issues to follow.

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                What to do if not all computers are displayed in the EPO, but all of themupdated with the server centrally?
                Is it possible to somehow define the task for the console McAfee does notupdate the client system, if the amount of free space on a server less than 1024MB?



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