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    Storm Worm - now uses Geocities based links

      Please beware of any spam emails that contain Geocites links, as this is the lastest storm worm tactic :eek:

      Storm Worm - now uses Geocities based links

      QUOTE: Storm is back, and according to TrendLabs researchers, the infamous malware family has added yet another twist to their tactics. “It looks like Google will have its hands full in the next couple of days,” Senior Threat Researcher Ivan Macalintal says. “There are limited reports that the Storm worm may be spamming emails with links to a Geocities site. This was seen in the monitoring of the spam templates being sent via Storm communications to its botnets.”

      This newest chapter in the Storm saga proves that the creators of the said malware are still very much active. Its use of a popular free server like Geocities and disguising itself as a plug-in may mean that they are still looking for more systems to infect.