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    Error Message - Outlook 2003

      When I opened Outlook 2003, I noticed the following error message:


      The Add-in "C:\Program Files\McAfee\SpamKiller\mskolplg.dll" cannot be installed or loaded.


      And I can't locate the McAfee Antispam Toolbar when opening Outlook 200.  Does anyone out there have any idea for me to resolve the problem so that I can use the antispam toolbar?  Thanks.



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                          Find the screenshots for the Issue and follow them to fix the issue.


          Step 1 :


                      Open outlook and click on Tools menu and then select Options as marked below.



          Step 2 :


                  Click on the Other tab. Under General click on the Advanced Options button.



          Step 3 :


                          Click on the Add-In Manager button as marked below.






          Step 4 :


                Uncheck “ McAfee Spamkiller Exchange Extension “ and then click OK and reboot the computer.









          I hope this will help you to resolve your  issue.

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            Hi Larry,


                      Have you tried the above the steps which I mentioned is it help full ....

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              Thanks for your reply.  However, what you suggested only solved part of the problem by getting rid of the error message.  I still can't use the Anti Spam Toolbar under Office Outlook 2003.  I even spoke with an online technician and we tried a few things like going to Admin tool and use cmd command to try to fix it.  Eventually she suggested me to re-install the McAfee Security Suite, which I am not sure.


              Any idea??  Larry

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                Hi Larry,


                             Try this steps..


                1. Close Outlook.
                2. Click Start, Run, type CMD, and click OK.
                  NOTE: For Windows Vista users, you must open a command prompt with administrator privileges. Click Start, Find, type CMD, right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator
                3. Type CD C:\ProgramFiles\McAfee\MSK and press ENTER.
                4. Type REGSVR32 MSKOLPLG.DLL and press ENTER.
                5. And try Open Outlook.
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                  Well I tried your steps but got an error message:


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                    LarrySDSU wrote:


                    Well I tried your steps but got an error message:




                    Hey larry,


                    The command is typed incorrect - It should be REGSVR32 MSKOLPLG.DLL (Instead its typed DILL) . Retype the command and let us know the status. Along with the same let us know the version of your McAfee Antispam .





                    Dinesh K

                    McAfee Online Community Moderator