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    McSmtFwk.exe - Excess CPU Usage

      Task Manager shows McSmtFwk.exe using 25% CPU even when no programs are running.  Does anyone know of conflicts it has with ther programs?

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          Hi there,

          Could you please let me know if its spiking in CPU all the time or only at times!!! Also, let me know the following details,


          What operating system ?
          What is the version of McAfee virus scan & DAT version ?
          Do you have any other security software installed ?
          Do you receive any pop ups/threats in the computer from any virus/malwares?




          Dinesh K
          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            I have 3 User McAfee Internet Security - don't know DAT version or how to find it

            Windows 7 Home Pemium 64 bit

            No other security software installed

            No pop ups or threats


            Task Manager shows McFmtFwk constantly using 25% CPU when nothing else is running.

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              From within your security center , Click on Navigation then click on About and let us know the version of virus scan and DAT version  ?

              Check for updates in security center and run a full scan and check the status of the above process, If its still spiking in CPU,