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    "System Tool" virus got installed despite McAfee running

      hi, First of all how to remove "system Tool" virus from my computer. It has taken over my computer despite McAfee running.

      Second, how come McAfee did not detect it before it got installed?


      Please help.

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          Same here.  Send an email to customer support (was unable to use "chat").  Let us know if you find out anything useful and I'll do the same.

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            Same here, System Tool virus has made the machine unusable.  McAfee  Antivirus Plus was installed and up-to-date.  Anyone know how to get rid  of this?  The only way I have found to do anything on the computer is  in Safe Mode.

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              I finally fixed this by installing Malwarebytes' Anti-malware - which turned into something of a chore because my computer initially wouldn't let me download it.  I don't remember how I eventually did it, but I do recall that I found out how to do so by doing a "system tool" search in this community and this led me to a link that had been disguised so as to fool the system tools program and allow me to download it.


              One may be able to go into safe mode and dowload the Anti-malware software, but I'm not sure.  It's not how I finally was able to do it.  Good luck.

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                System tool took over my desk top computer when I logged on on Christmas day.  What a present!   Took me three hours to clear it out.  I just used the program offered for free by Malwarebytes.  The steps are shown on their website http://http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=66064.   Fortunately, I had a clean laptop which I used to access the website and download the repair program to a memory stick.  I transferred the repair program icon from the memory stick to the 'desk top' screen of infected computer by click and drag.  My infected computer would not let me run the program until I turned on the safe mode, which I did by turning off the infected computer, then holding down the f8 button while it rebooted.  After that, it was easy.  Hope this info helps somebody out.  This virus is really debilitating.


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                  Thank you for taking the time to post the information to remove System Tool.  It finally worked!!!!  I should hire you instead of McAfee!   Can't believe these guys.  They sell you and Total Protection Software 9my second virus in a month) and then when it fails all they can do is offer to charge you another $80 to remove the virus.  They won't even take the information to add the virus to their systems so others don't get it and they can update their database.  What a scam!  If I hit a building with my car i am not going to ask the owner to pay for my damages!  They have made me waster 8 hours of my time for time and to how many other countless individuals.  Really disgusting service.   No wonder they move across the world with that kind of gimmick!   Good luck to all who got caught in this mess and thanks again to those who posted solution and did what McAFee shouhd have but didn't do!

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                    It happened to me too. A message about my system being infected with spyware became the wallpaper. An new icon called "System Tools 2011" was on the desktop. A pop-up came up from the icon tray and said that programs were infected and that I needed to download a program to remove the virus. I ran a McAfee "Full Scan" and it didn't find anything. I logged in as another user and that account didn't have the virus so I'm operating from that account until I can get the virus removed. McAfee technical support chat couldn't help; they wanted me to use a paid service. I may try malwarebytes.



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                      This is an update to my previous post (#6 Dec 26, 2010 12:42 PM). I decided to try to fix it myself. This is for those who feel comfortable examining system files.


                      I logged in as another user. Using Windows Explorer, I went to the following folder:

                      c:\Users\[accountName]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

                      where [accountName] is the name on the user account, and deleted the folder called "System Tool"

                      Then I went to folder "c:\ProgramData" and deleted the folder called "jLpNk06300" which had nearly the same file creation date and time as the "System Tool" folder.


                      I logged in to the previously-infected account and it came up okay. Perhaps this will help someone.

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                        I was also disappointed that the System Tool rogue antivirus program was installed to my machine and totally disabled McAfee shortcuts. I was able to get rid of it (i.e. my machine is acting 'normal' again), but I would like to add that the folder under C:\ProgramData probably has a different name on different machines. Mine was eNnBl6305.

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                          Hi I suffered the same problem after visiting 'the apprentice' website and trying to use ITV player yesterday.I have perused the internet but in the end contacted customer service and they gave me the following no 0207 949 0372.This is for the virus removal service- I lnow they ask for about £60 -but I was so desperate to be rid off it .It is money well spent especially since I am not an expert and was not confident that the whole' SYSTEM TOOL' spyware would be eradicated by the programmes out there.

                          The technician -Vinod-was really helpful and took me through it step by step .He used remote access to delete the infection and check .The virus removal service is valid for 5 days so if anything bothersome pops up in that time -you can use the service again to restore the computer.I thought that since many would have reported this spyware then they will be able to resolve the problem faster  than me.

                          Phew -I am relieved as it was getting on my nerves.Hope this helps someone- also I was told that they are trying to update mcafee so that it blocks this rogue software from infecting your computer.


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