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    Customer Service (Kundendienst) not working


      I'm a Customer from Germany and the reason I'm posting is that the MCA website is not working properly.

      I wanted to open the refund site (Erstattungen) but I get only an error message.


      It is complete in german:

      Dokumente des Kundensupports haben das Vorzeichen CS, z.B CS40021.  Wenn Sie nach einem bestimmten Dokument suchen, benutzen Sie den Link im oberen Teil der Seite,  dann klicken Sie auf FAQs und Suche auf der linken Seite.


      Why is it, that you can automatically extend my abonnement but when I want to cancel it you make it hard for your customers to do so?

      The phone number I can call is not usable for me, because it is in my working hours and for security reasons it is not aloud to phone anyone who is not working within my company.


      I can't sent an email because the site seems to be down too. I can the the see the mail&chat box, I can click on it, I can choose my country but then I can't choose the type of communication because the fields are grey.

      And it doesn't matter which PC or Browser I use, it is always the same.


      So is there someone in your MCA company who is able to help me?


      I'm not using MCA anymore since summer 2010. After the last problems and crashes I finally gave up, and no I don't want anyones help that is costing me hours  over hours (that I already spent) in front of my PC instead of doing something useful with my time.


      And I really don't need a refund because I paid with credit card the first time and this card is expired now so you won't get any money for extending the abonnement, I didn't even downloaded the update/software or whatever.


      What is more important: How do I get my Account deleted, so I won't get any mails from MCA anymore.


      Jesus, I'm nearly in tears here because the last two hours I spent in front of my PC trying to get useful informations about how to cancel this damn abonnement.

      I'm a moody female after all...


      Hopefully you aren't so annoyed by this posting but I'm not used to this kind of service. During my Internet years this is the first time I can't cancel a purchase without having so much trouble.




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          Sorry you are having so much trouble.  Those options are grayed out because they aren't available outside those hours of opening.  Can't you take some time off work perhaps in order to phone them because that is the quickest method of getting things done?


          What exactly is it you want to do because I could try to relay it to someone who can access your account?  If you can tell me that plus is it registered to the same email address for the account as the one you are using here?   Don't publish it in a post verbatim for security reasons but post it like this xxxx AT xxx DOT com for example, preferably send it to me via Private Message (click my name and look for the option at the right hand side).



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            Hi Ex_Brit,


            I wish I could take some time off but this is not an option right now. Too much work between 9 am and 7 pm, even between Christmas and New Year.


            I thought it was clear in my first ranting mail, that I'm not using MCA anymore.


            On Friday the 17th last week I got an email that my MCA Abonnement was automatically extended and at first got a huge shock.

            In all my years as an Internet user I have never ever made a purchase where something was automatically extended. I was always asked first or made the extension myself.


            But I don't want this extended abonnement and I couldn't find a way to cancel that, besides to phone wherever to, at times I have absoluteley no time.


            So is there a way you are able to help me?


            I don't want an extended abonnement and I want my MCA Account deleted.


            What do I have to do?




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              I will ask someone to help you but I need you to answer the question in my previous post, is the email on your account the same as the one you are using on this forum?



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                Hi Ex_Brit,


                I overlooked that part of your mail it seems but I'm really tired and ready for my bed right now.


                Anyway, yes the mail adress is the same.


                Thanks for your help.




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                  OK I will see if I can get the decision reversed and refunded.


                  You can turn off auto-renewal online by the way just go to your account and you will see that choice there.


                  But as you obviously had difficulty with the website I will ask if that also can be done.





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