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    Regained Internet Connection

      After removing Malware with GetSusp, lost internet connection on screen but connected with computer ?

      Went to "Start" Button at the bottom of screen.

      Clicked on " Help & Support " .

      Clicked on " Pick a Task " .

      Clicked on " .....System Restore " .

      Clicked on " Restore my Computer to an earlier time " .

      Chose a Date that was good before Malware.

      It worked. Screen with Internet. McAfee Updated.

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          Peter M

          Glad you fixed it.   I suggest temporarily disabling System Restore.  That will get rid of the bad restore point.


          It's best to keep to one thread so  I've marked your other two solved.  Next time I suggest either editing your thread or replying to it if there's a  change.



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