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    IE pop ups when I only use Firefox are redirecting browser/ bad adware problem


      I posted last week and did not get any help. I use Firefox only (Vista 32). In only one of three user ID's on my machine  when I go on Firefox after a few minutes pop ups come up for different things saying on the top bar....."Internet Explorer powered by Dell" and whatever the ad happens to be. I have never ever use IE....EVER!


      Then I try to go to a major website like CNN and it redirects or white screens and says done.


      McAfee and Malwarebytes say my machine is clean. I have been updating and scanning all week and it says the machine is clean.


      What do I do before this spreads to the other user ID's..........should I use superantispyware????


      What is going on with McAfee????


      Please help.


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