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    New Halloween e-card threats

      Websense has warned of a new HTML based e-card in the Spanish language. It is designed to load a Trojan horse that can steal banking account credentials from the infected PC. More threats could potentially emerge, so please be careful out there.:eek:

      New Halloween e-card threats

      Sample e-card from Websense

      QUOTE: Websense® Security Labs™ has discovered a new Trojan Horse information stealer that is being emailed out as a Halloween Greeting Card in Mexico. To date we have seen four unique sites being spammed out all with the same binary file. They were in Korea, Brazil, and Russia, and were all up and running at the time of this alert. The file is called "hallowenDay.exe". It is also poorly detected by anti-virus signatures.

      Assuming users access the site and select to run the file a Trojan Horse is downloaded onto their machine which is designed to steal banking information from users, the file appears to also be packed with a unique custom packer. We expect to see additional email lures and malicious websites on our radar with Halloween night quickly approaching. The email is written in HTML and has a variety of subject lines.