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    Need to put a file in Trusted Program Section

      Hello Mcafee Community,


             My Mcafee antivirus is deleting files without asking me to allow it or block it. It is currently listed as a quarantined item. If I try to restore it, the file keeps being sent back to the quaratine area without asking me again to allow it or block it. The files are Artemis!5F73FD0405E3, Artemis!ED9C86197C61, Generic.dx!tmr, and Artemis!8ED167EDBA7E. These files are not trogans. They are used as files for a game. Mcafee assumes that these files are trojans and immediately deletes them. Also, if I unstall Ccafee, the progam is able run normally. How am I able to put these files as a trusted program in Mcafee?