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    Mcafee problems


      my organisation recently upgraded to Windows 7 professional edition, we have MS Office 2007 installed along with Mcafee VSE 8.7.


      The users have been experiencing slow responses and programs freezing at various points throughout the day, also there is an issue with MS Outlook where it displays an error message stating that "outlook scan" failed, disable add in". I'm not positive about what's causing this but i think it may be conflicts with Mcafee.


      Can anyone give me any suggestions or help with this please?

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          Hello Chervone,


          Please take a look at the KB66254. This KB has instructions for disabling each VSE component. Hopefully if the issue is really related to VSE, using this KB you will find out which component may be causing the issue and then you will be able to take the appropriated actions to fix it.


          Hope this helps.



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            What patch are you using for McAfee VirusScan 8.7i? I have been getting similar reports and have told our users to install Patch 4. This is the latest patch and does contain some Outlook fixes.

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              I'm using windows 7 prof. , mcafee VSE 8.7i with 2 patches installed, systems are brand new, have sufficient requirements.

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                I'd apply Patch 4 for VSE 8.7, reboot your system and take a look of this issue stills or not.

                If the issue stills, then I'd check progressivelly which McAfee component might be causing the issue and then would make the appropriate exclusions.