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    Webwasher making internet too slow and CPU is maxed

      So excuse my ignorance but I got handed this device to implement and it was something I have no experience with.  So I feel all I have turned on is blocking advertising.  When I integrated it into my netowrk, 18meg internet pipe 1500 users) the CPU went to 99.9% on the Webgateway and pages took forever toload.  Should I not have implemented in teh middle of the day?  When we were testing it I did not have this problem.  My new plan is to turn it on in the middle of the night and see what happens.  But my main question is how much is this box meant to handle?  Is implementing in the middle of the day a bad idea?  Will it eventually catch up?






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          ummm, really? you really would just arbitrarily put a business affecting device on the network and just see what happens?


          Which model of appliance do you have? what version of MWG? how did you configure it? Explicit proxy, WCCP, Transparent bridge? What traffic load do you have in terms of Requests/Sec on your network? etc.

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            Well I guess I made it more dramatic then it really was.  I only had advertising blocked and it is configured for WCCP and closer examinatin on the CPU, I was looking at idle, iit was only using 20%.  We did test on a small environment and also had it implemented in the full environment before and took it off while we did some more research,  worked fine so we chose a very slow time of the day to put it in today , obvioously we didn't think it would cause this much harm, being we had put it in before, and was taken off the network in a few minutes.  The clients were aware of the testing.  So with that being said I am on 6.8.7 build 8378,   Cant find the model number just says web gateway on the box and nothing in the interface


            I put it on the inside interface of the firewall and double checked with our CCIE if that was the right place to put it in the netowrk Utilizatin is showing 383 Meg somehting isnt right obviously


            Just also want to add I have a Riverbed, and Tipping Point and a Packet Shaper also inline with the Web Gateway.



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