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    The New McAfee is Powerfully Superb

      I will start off by saying to the reader's of this: If you use any other security suite other than this new McAfee Version, switch now and you will be very pleased you did, not just in one area, the entire package is awesome, set it and forget it, and pleasing eye-candy graphical interface, is just one of the many fancy perks!


      I have been a home user of McAfee for many years, and this new version of the McAfee Security Suite is a long wait come true. Congratulations McAfee Team on taking the necessity of time to create this outstanding new version.

      I am very big on computer security, and I have tested most of all popular security suites, McAfee has passed and caught every single pest, trojan, worm I could throw at it, even rootkits and etc...

      McAfee soared at the winning top out of all security suites I tested.


      Plus the new easy user-friendly interface is outstanding!

      The new McAfee is Power Computer Security I Trust, and you should also!


      Grats McAfee Team on a job well done!


      Scott in Georgia










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