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    Mcafee turn off and Scan error.

      Hi all,


      Mcafee turn off suddenly. I try to turn it on in real time scanning. It on for a while then turn off again. I try to scan however there an error stated: An unexpected problem occured during your scan.


      The following step I had try:


      Run with MVT. After the scan, MVT stated the problems had been solved however I confirm the scan again. The problems were not solved.


      Pls advice.

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          Please provide us with the following details .


          Operating system ?
          Do you have any other securituy software installed ?
          Did you make any recent changes to the computer ? (like a system restore)
          Do you receive any malware popups in the computer ?



          Please get back to us with the above details and we are here to assist you with it . .



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          Dinesh K

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            • I'm using Windows Vista Home basic.
            • I use only Mcafee.
            • No, I didn't change anything in my computer.
            • No, I didn't notice any malware pop up from my computer.



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              I am having same problem is there a solution?.....Virtual technician has been used...scan off was detected...problem was supposed to have been fixed...it was for a couple of hours but returned

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                No other scanner ie paid version of Malwarebytes has a real time scanner that can clash with mcafee. That reason is what I would say is disabling the scanner?


                You could try chat (tech support link above in useful links tab) and let them uninstall Mcafee for you then reinstall it but if you have a clashing program well the issue could reoccur again.



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