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    8.7i Patch 4 fixed the Hyper-V CSV issues?



      I believe Patch 4 for 8.7i was supposed to fix some problems with Windows Hyper-V Cluster Shared Volumes (CSVs).  Has anyone been able to verify that the fix is effective?  Anyone running 8.7i Patch 4 on Hyper-V hosts?





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          Hello Martin

          Was this issue solved?

          Because we’re experiencing also issues with McAfee Enterprise 8.7 on a 4-node Hyper-V cluster. Sometimes CSV is not accessible and System log returns error containing ERROR_TIMEOUT(1460). Disabling McAfee did not help, only uninstall fixed the problem (CSV accessible from all 4 nodes). Testing now with latest version...8.7 with patch 4, but it doesn't look good (simple browse to folder under c:\clusterstorage does not work)


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            Patch 4 does seem to have solved our problem; the most definite symptom we had was an event 5120 ( STATUS_CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED) in the windows system event log.  Our problem was specifically with iSCSI storage.  We did also sometimes see the 1460 in conjunction with the 5120.  We received a suggestion from MS at the time to consider installing this  MS fix





            BUT that's probably only relevant with iSCSI storage.


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