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    McAfee Community; error made during password reset request


      I don't know just where I should post this or how, as I'm still new to the McAfee Community Forums.  Earlier this morning, I attempted to log-in to my account here on the McAfee Community Forums, but entered the wrong USERNAME and, of course, I mistakenly thought I'd used the wrong PASSWORD when I wasn't able to log in.  I then sent a password reset request.  (For privacy reasons, I won't give the username I had thought was mine and mistakenly entered when attempting to log-in).  When I did not receive the email giving me a temporary password to use, I realized the username I'd entered belongs to someone else registered in this community.  So, if anyone in the McAfee Community Forums here received an email this morning giving you a temporary password to use to access your account here...please accept my humble apology for the error and any concerns or inconvenience I may have inadvertenly caused you.  I've made sure to write down my CORRECT username so I don't make the same error in the future.



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