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    MA4.5 Patch 2 - RTS & Release notes posted in KB


      McAfee Afee Agent 4.5 Patch 2 is now Released to Support, and it's Release Notes are available in KB70737 and PD22895



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          Please note this means it's currently in the Managed Release phase, it not yet available for general download.


          Managed Release

          The Managed Release cycle is approximately four weeks long.


          Distribution is limited to customers who have escalated issues addressed by the patch, and to customers who have opted to participate in our phased distribution cycles. These customers have approximately two weeks to confirm that the patch resolves their issue, begin patch deployment, and provide feedback to McAfee. By the end of the first two weeks, if customers report that there are still outstanding issues, the patch is returned to Engineering for further development and validation. Every attempt is made to address unresolved issues before general availability.