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    Unspecified virus infection, link to wellnessstarts.com

      my computer won't let me install anything due to the virus everything just keeps flashing..wat do i do. Citalopram Hydrobromide Side Effects



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          This message has been detached from the end of a thread with which it has nothing whatsover in common. I'm starting a new thread for it elsewhere ...


          It looks like a request for a help about a PC infection so I'm moving it to Security Awareness / Malware Discussion / Home User Assistance.


          The link is to wellnessstarts.com, and is not itself dangerous.


          I have checked the website and it's a front for purveyors of dubious medicinal & herbal remedies. SiteAdvisor rates it green but one person on WOT gives it the thumbs down. Judging by the mangled English used in the About Us section it's been translated from a foreign language.


          Hosted by Rackspace Hosting in San Antonio Texas; only contact info on the site is an email address.

          Registration Service Provided By: NameCheap.com

          Whois details are obscured by membership of WhoisGuard.


          The inference is that these people have something to hide.

          According to SiteTrails the site ownership traces back to :-


          Vinay Kochhar (vinaykochhar@rediffmail.com)
          Fax: +1.5555555555
          Flat-66 Savarkar apt
          Delhi, S 110092  IN(DIA)


          I judge that clicking on any of the advertisements is likely to lead you into uncharted waters. Better not.


          As for this request .....


          Please give us some information about what's wrong with your PC. But first, if you have any security programs installed, run them and scan your system for infections. I assume you have McAfee on your PC? Run a full scan, and see what it finds. Then come back and let us know if that's fixed your problem; if not, we'll help you to install (if necessary) some other programs that will help.



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