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    Real time scan turns off after automatic security update

      I have been experiencing a problem with real time scan turning itself off after downloading a McAfee security update - "computer protected, no action required" before download and "at risk" (real time scanning off) after installing update. The rest of McAfee does not appear to be affected (firewall,etc.) I have tried the suggested fixes from MVT, but the only way I can re-enable real time scan is to completely remove McAfee from the computer and re-install it from the CD - security version 9.11; virus scan version 13.11. After re-installing McAfee everything seems to work OK, I then perform a manual update (which updates security version to V 9.15, and virus scan to V 13.15.) which I assume is the most recent version, after which McAfee still appears to be fine - however the next time an automatic security comes in (usually after 24 hrs) we are back to the original problem of real time scan turned off, and unable to switch on again. I have gone through at least 10 cycles of the above, and every time the result seems to be the same I.e. real time scan enabled OK until automatic security updates downloaded and computer re-started after which R.T scan is turned off again. I have now disabled automatic updates for McAfee to see if this has an effect (will install updates manually)

      Operating system, Windows 7 (recently upgraded from Vista); Dell Studio 1555; Intel Duo P8700, 2.53 GHz;

      465 GB drive; 6 GB RAM.

      I hope someone can help, Regards, Brendon.

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          Sudeep Garg

          This sounds like a Windows Consumer Product.


          This would get better attention in Consumer forum here: https://community.mcafee.com/community/home




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            Hi Sudeep, sorry if I posted this in the wrong section - first time I have used this forum - I'm not sure if it is actually a windows clash with McAfee causing the scan de-activate as I have managed to keep the real time scanning enabled for more than 24 hours now (a first) with the automatic updates from McAfee turned off - now when I run virtual technician, the only problem reported is "DAT out of date" - which I presume is due to auto updates being disabled. I plan to leave computer in this state for another 15-20 hrs to positively identify that it is actually the automatic updates from McAfee causing the problem, then I will do a manual security update and see what happens.

            Regards, Brendon.

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              Hi Brendon,

              Please share with us the below information so that we  could help you get the real time scanner enabled again,'


              Do you use any other security software in the computer ?
              Is the computer up-to-date with windows updates ?
              Do you receive any pop ups in the computer with regards to any malware infections ?
              How old is the computer ?
              Di you make any recent changes to the computer like a system restore ?

              Please get back to us with thje above details .



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              Dinesh K
              McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                Hi Dineesh, thanks for answering. To answer your questions in order of asking - No I'm not running any other security software; Yes, windows has been updated within past 48 hrs; No I don't appear to get any malware popups (blocked or otherwise); Computer is approx 1 year old; We did have a major computer failure about 10 weeks ago, which required a new mother board and hard drive ("unstable") - it took some time with Dell support to get computer back up and running (driver issues mainly) and we also had problems with the logic board on the BT home hub router which meant it was difficult to maintain wireless connection for more than a few minutes at a time. Router was replaced about 2 weeks ago - at which time I upgraded OS to Windows 7 (from Vista). Everything seemed to operate OK until first automatic security update from McAfee 5-6 days ago. Interestingly, with auto updates disabled, real time scanning has stayed on for over 24hrs now - I am aware that there is one update due at present and virtual technician has identified that DAT is out of date (only problem identified on last check). I would like to hold off doing a manual  update on McAfee for another day to confirm that the problem only occurs after an update.

                Regards, Brendon.

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                  Hi all, an update today at 1150hrs GMT. I disabled automatic updates for McAfee over 70 hours ago, and then re-loaded the program from CD - all fine, scans worked fine (no reported issues) I then updated Windows 7 - still no problems, ran VT - only reported issue was "DAT is out of date" which I assumed was due to McAfee not being updated automatically, and ignored for the next 2 days. Scans (both short and full) came up clean during this period, last full scan at 0200hrs this morning, and McAfee appeared to be working perfectly. I checked McAfee status at 1131hrs "computer protected - real time scanning on", activated a manual update from McAfee at that point, and received message "updates downloaded - re-start computer to install". Re-started at 1140, and immediately checked McAfee status, screen came up "computer protected" for about 2 secs. and then almost immediately went to "computer at risk, real time scanning is off" and would not turn on when button pressed (I.e back to square one!). I gather, from some comments I've seen, that McAfee considers this to be a Windows issue, but I'm afraid that I cannot see how they arrive at this conclusion, as my Windows 7 has been working perfectly with McAfee since loading from the CD - until I downloaded McAfee updates this morning - and this has been the issue for the last three weeks. I have to confess that, along with the majority of other users with this type of problem - with real time scan turning itself, I am completely UNDERWHELMED by responses from McAfee technicians for a problem that features as number 1 on McAfees own FAQ's. Unless the boys and girls at McAfee can come up with a fix for me PRONTO, I think I won't be renewing with them next month, and instead, take my money to those nice people at AVG.

                  Oh well, off to remove McAfee from computer - YET AGAIN - think I'll download a free trial copy of AVG while I'm at it, and try that for the next month - please take notice McAfee.


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                    I understand that you have spent a lot of time and effort because of this . I have sent you an email requesting for more details so as we can arrange a call back to you and find out if its a conflict that happens/ any issues with the latest updates . Please reply back to the email so that we could help you in getting the issue fixed .





                    Dinesh K

                    McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                      Hi Dineesh, thanks for the reply,I have PM'd you with proposed callback time next week. P.S. am running free trial copy of AVG to keep protected for time being. Interesting that this software does not apparently have an issue running alongside other security systems (unlike McAfee!) although in this case, this was not the issue, as up to now McAfee was the only protection on my computer.

                      Regards, Brendon.

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                        I am having EXACTLY the same problem.


                        Running Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron 580, all software, drivers etc are up to date. The MCAfee software came with the computer and I registered it.


                          I  ran the virtual technician which indicated there are 2 issues - 1. Post system restore issues and 2. engine out of date.  I then ran the automatic fix which stated that the post system issues were fixed but that the other was pending ie engine out of date.  I then rescanned and came up with the same 2 issues.


                        I have attached the diagnostic logs and would be grateful for your advice.

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                          I am having the exact same symptoms as Tencendor.  I am running Windows 7 on an Alienware M17x about 1 year old.  I also ran the virtual technician and got the same 2 issues.  I said "Fix All", then did an "Update Now" but the problem still exists.


                          I also did a system restore in Windows back to last week, updated the Mcafee engine and still get the issue.

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