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    Unknown program OFFSPON.exe and McAfee firewall


      I have a dell pc with microsoft office starter 2010. When I run microsoft word, my McAfee firewall asks me whether I want to allow file named "OFFSPON.exe" to access the internet. Since I didn't know what this file is meant for, I click "Block Access" in the McAfee firewall warning popup. The problem is that after I block the access to the above said "OFFSPON.exe", I am not able to connect to the internet. I have to reset the McAfee firewall in order to get back the internet connectivity. So I have 2 questions.


      1. What is OFFSPON.exe and why is it trying to access the internet. (It resides on my Q:drive which is a pre-installed protected partition for Microsoft Office Starter 2010)
      2. If I block this program, why does the internet connectivity goes down (or rather why McAfee firewall doesn't allow internet access).