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    create a framepackage


      1. There are few pcs in my network which gets distributed through image(Windows xp 2).

      but they will be in workgroup for the time being and later be joined to the domain.

      Local administrator for the client pcs will be the same. so i need to create a framepackage for those pcs.


      Domain: .\ or .

      Username : Administrator

      Password : xyz(password of local administrator for xp pcs)


      Is this the way right to create the framepackage.( . or .\ which is rite of the both)




      2 . As we distribute the pcs through image  if i delete Agent guid and mac address is it enough or should i delete the keys folder also.

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          If you have planned to distribute the agent through image then I will suggest you to create a framepkg.exe file from the ePO server, execute on the machine locally, delete agent GUID and MAC address from the registry and create system image.


          Are you talking key in registry (HKLM=>Software=>Network associates=>ePO=>Agent=>Keys)? If you are talking about the registry value 'keys' then its not needed.

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            Image creation is done by other dept so i am supposed to give them framepackage thats it

            and they want local admin framepackage, local admin password on xp pcs is abc


            for local admin on xp pcs ,from the epo i created a package as shown below but is this procedure

            domain : .\

            Username : administrator

            password: abc

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              yes, correct.


              In the domain field, you can write either Local or .\