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    Laptop hit by "amy.exe" trojan/virus now get blank screen on boot up

      Hi all,


      I'm running the current McAfee securitycentre on my Dell vostro 1500 laptop.


      I alway run scans and download updates etc. so like to think my system health is always very good.


      Last week it seems my hotmail was hacked and when running a full system scan securitycentre flashed up that it had found an infected file/trojan and needed to restart.


      I followed the prompts, but never got to restart.


      When I try to the Dell screen appears as always at the beginning of bootup but then the screen just goes blank, not black/off, just blank.


      I seem to remember that when originall shutting down, a box quickly flashed up about a .exe file not being able to run. I think it was called "amy".


      I also am running desktop maestro, a pctools product. could this be conflicting with what security centre wants to do and therefore leaving me open to this kind of infection?


      Any suggestions? I wanted to go through the virus removal process but it seems you actually have to have a running system to do that remotely!!!!