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    McAfee Enpoint Encryption and available RAM on 64bit?



      my company uses Endpoint Encryption. Currently my PC is working with Windows XP 32bit.

      I want to reinstall it with Windows 7 64bit in order make full use of its 4 GB of RAM.

      I heard that others can only use 3 GB of RAM on their Windows 7 64bit PCs because

      of Endpoint Encryption. Is this true? Why does Endpoint Encryption limit the amount

      of usable RAM?




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          This belongs in the Business section, so I'm moving it out of Home & Home Office Community Help to Business Data Protection. Having to guess whether this is EEM or ePO managed, so I'll go for EEM.

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            There is no problem with 64-bit Windows 7 and supported versions of EEPC. There was that issue with earlier version (5.1.x).

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              Hello Peter,

              I think I might work in the same company as "culain"... that is HP, the world's biggest IT company to which McAfee is a strategic partner and seller,

              Now, I don't really understand why we're still running the 5.1.8 version of Endpoint Encrytiption when 5.2.x is out for more than a year,

              Can we get the updates to 5.2.x from McAfee somehow?

              It's frustrating to have a powerful PC and be forced to part with 1/4th of your memory power because someone "forgot" to do the updates.

              I look forward to your answer,


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                not sure Peter can give you an answer as to why your company is using the version they are using - sure, HP are paying for support, so your company can download the latest version of the product any time they feel like it. Whether they desire to or not though is an internal matter.


                Maybe HP only have a very few people in your situation, and it's not worth the effort to upgrade everyone?

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                  Not sure how to address you SafeBoot, but thanks for the answer anyway,

                  HP indeed has a very small number of people with x64 OSs installed on their machines, primarily because we haven't adopted win7 company-wide, and we're still testing it's integration with all of our tools,

                  But... the main reason me and others have signed up for the early testing of win7 x64 inside the company was to remove the 32-bit limitation imposed by vista 32 and to enjoy full potential of our machines, since the update of endpoint encryption from 5.1.x to 5.2.x doesn't have any performance impact on the users as far as I've read, I'm not sure why they (the IT admins or wherever's responsible) haven't done it yet.

                  This indeed is not the fault of Mcafee, but all I want is to be ale to update endpoint encryption from 5.1.8 to 5.2.x in order to get rid of the memory limitation. and that can only be achieved with some help from you guys since our IT people are not really interested in fixing this. and if I manage to fix it I can share this internally with the other early win7 x64 adopter like myself until IT picks up and delivers a full update.

                  So, my question is.. can someone help me with some files and maybe a guide on how to upgrade Endpoint Encryption?



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                    I do not know if you realized that, but EEPC is managed centrally. So it means that your IT personnel must upgrade client component within that centrally managed infrastructure. You cannot just upgrade client to 5.2.x yourself.