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      Four week old Dell PC came with Security Center installed.  I have done four full scans and everytime it detects the PUP Junk-NavQuar and suggests to quarantine it.  It shows up in the Quarantined PUP list along with a bunch of tracking cookies, I select ALL and delete everything.  So after every full scan, I delete Junk-NavQuar but it returns!

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          Please try the following:


          1.    Restart the computer in Safe Mode by tapping the F8 key immediately when you restart the computer

          2.    Click on Start> Run> Type inetcpl.cpl> Ok> Delete all the temporary internet files, cookies and if required reset the Internet Explorer from the Advanced Tab> Click on Ok to close it

          3.    Click on Start> Run> Type temp> Click Ok> delete all the files and folders over there (if you are not able to delete few please ignore them)

          4.    Click on Start> Run> Type %temp%> Click Ok> delete all the files and folders over there (if you are not able to delete few please ignore them)

          5.    Open McAfee Security Center> Click on Update – make sure McAfee is up to date and perform a full scan again

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            Actually, I had just done a full scan in the Safe Mode without the deletions and the outward appearance exactly the same or nothing gets fixed.  Of course, I don't know if Junk-NavQuar will pop up on the next full scan yet.


            One thing is that it lists only the PUP as being detected and no tracking cookies yet when one looks into what's quarantined with the PUP there are 20-30 tracking cookies.



            Okay, I deleted all the files you suggested but had to remove the "*" from your instructions but don't see a way to update although I did that earlier while in W7.  Ran a full scan while still in the Safe Mode and the PUP Junk-NavQuar came up again showing up twice in the PUP list(time stamp from my earlier scan) along with cookies again.  Once again I selected All and Delete.  From watching my earlier, I notice that Junk-NavQuar is found in the "Users" folder.  Why did it find cookies when I deleted them or doesn't it tell you if it can't delete a cookie?  There was only one file in one or the other "temp" location that couldn't be deleted.


            There is a option to send the item to McAfee, should I do that?  Junk-NavQuar has been around for a long time though.



            I looked at some of the McAfee log files and found the exact location of the Junk-NavQuar.  It was in a file called "nmse.zip" a 211 byte file which is NM Super Enhancer, something to do with Net Meeting transfer over from my old XP machine.  I just deleted the file and a custom scan of Documents/MyDocuments folder comes up clean.



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              Great, can you try with a full scan to check the status…

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                Forced a update, restart, BSOD(12th to date on a four week old PC), full scan errored out, rescaned and finished with no problems found.


                I have another issue or thread  but it's OT from this thread: https://community.mcafee.com/thread/30609?tstart=0



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