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    "Post System Restore Issue" questions please

      Peace...  Hello...  I'm very sorry to pester you with this, but I need some expertise help, please.  McAfee Virtual Technician reports "Post System Restore Issue" as a Top Issue, and no other problems (Session ID: 29481688  No recent changes/installings on my computer - just low memory use everyday activity.).  I'm fairly certain I never used System Restore on my own computer, I'm 100% positive I have not used (had a need to use) System Restore in maybe a year or so.  I've searched the forums here, the FAQ document articles, Google/Yahoo/etc for this specific problem, but nothing shows up that I can find.  MVT reports the issue under the VirusScan section in its logs.  I didn't know if I should post here in the MVT forum, the VirusScan 14, or the SecurityCenter 10 forum; feel free to move my post, please.  I'm also clueless as to what info is un-needed/rambling, sorry...  I have McAfee Total Protection - 3 User (McAfee SecurityCenter 10.5.216, VirusScan 14.5.130 and Firewall 11.5.140), Windows XP Service Pack 3 on a Dell XPS 400 computer, and Windows Updates turned on and up-to-date.


      I just recently had to reset my router for some unknown reason, I lost my wireless broadband internet access on all 3 dependent computers (All computers broadband is now restored.).  The day prior the electricity flickered off, then immediately back on a second later; I guess it was a power surge, I definitely don't know.  My personal usage computer (which is directly connected to the router) shut off and stayed off as it should (I've changed boot set-up settings to keep it from endlessly looping off/on as has been a rare problem in lightning storms.), I was not using my/any computer at the time.  After I turned it on the next day the booting was normal loading up Windows until the desktop, but as it started loading other software/their splash screens it was unusually slow and needed some nudges of the mouse to continue (The boot seems to be mostly OK now, but it still concerns me.  What worse/else might there be?  A System Restore would be nice to do, but I know it can mess up McAfee.).  Later that same day is when the broadband was lost, yet again I was not using my/any computer at the time, allthough 2 other people were using theirs.  Respectfully, I'm definitely no expert, but all sites in their browser's history/cache looked clean enough (as far as viruses, hijacks, etc go), SiteAdvisor.com/McAfee TrustedSource/MyWOT.com/Google Safe Browsing/etc turns up nothing suspicious that I saw, nothing was downloaded by them, and they visited all the sites countless times prior.  Even so, was the broadband loss or boot issue from a virus?  All computers have since been full-scanned several times and come up clean.  Was my broadband loss or boot issue connected to the prior days electricity flickering off/on?  It seems a bit odd the broadband worked a day less or more after the electrical flickering, but I wouldn't be surprised just the same.


      With the headache of resetting my router, and the boot issue after reaching the desktop, I decided to use MVT to check/hope that all was well with McAfee...Even though McAfee SecurityCenter gives me the "green-highlighted":  "Your computer is secure (no action required)", everything is updated according to SecurityCenter's "Navigation - About" (SecurityCenter, VirusScan, Firewall, etc), it does scan (right-click on file in Windows Explorer, and full-scans), the scheduled scan kicks in as it should, and all scans take the same approx. amount of time and number of files scanned as it allways has...  It does seem to work, but I also know that MVT does a more involved job of checking the entire software, registry entries, etc.


      After MVT scans it reports "Post System Restore Issue" (under the VirusScan section in its logs as a Top Issue) and no other issues, I click the fix button, MVT states that it's fixed, I re-scan with MVT, but the "Post System Restore Issue" problem is still there with no other issues found.  Cold/hard rebooting doesn't seem to help.  Session ID: 29481688  No recent changes/installings on my computer - just low memory use everyday activity.  As with the boot issue, the "Post System Restore Issue" only occurs on my personal usage computer.  About a month prior I had a minor problem with my McAfee subscription, longer story short it was a user-end problem (Not by me, someone else changed the e-mail address of the McAfee account which caused havoc.).  After that I used MVT to double-check that everything was OK, and MVT reported no issues - that was about a month ago (I've also used it maybe a couple times between then and now with no problems found.).  With less than 1 month passing, perhaps directly connected to the electricity flickering and/or the boot issue or broadband loss, MVT reports "Post System Restore Issue", and no other problems...  I'm fairly certain I never used System Restore on my own computer, or at least not without un-doing the Restore.  Either way, I'm 100% positive I have not used (had a need to use) System Restore in maybe a year or so.  Which all the more so makes MVT reporting "Post System Restore Issue" confusing.  I've full-scanned with McAfee and Malwarebytes, both report my computer is clean.  Did I do everything/something wrong to cause all this, please?


      To try to fix the MVT "Post System Restore Issue" error and perhaps unknown other problems: 
      Should I use System Restore to restore prior to my broadband loss, or the day prior when my electricity flickered?  Do I need to uninstall/re-install McAfee?  Perhaps first use System Restore, next use MVT to see if that fixes the "Post System Restore Issue" error?  If it doesn't, un-do the System Restore, next uninstall McAfee.  With all due respect..., I'd like to not have to use System Restore, or to re-install McAfee (With or without using MCPR.exe) unless needed; hopefully some software tool or something...  But if need be and it just might be, then so be it - absolutely.  I have uninstalled McAfee and used MCPR.exe once prior and everything went smoothly.


      Thank you very much for your time and reading - sorry so insanely long...  Any and all help is greatly appreciated, please - thank you...  Peace...

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          Hi John,


          Go to Windows - start - run

          Enter regedit and click enter

          Navigate to key, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\AVEngine\DAT, Get the value (folder path)

          Go to the folder location obtained in the above step. Then,

          1. Check if folder exists

          2. If so, check if any files or sub folders available in that folder


          Please let us know the result for last 2 checks.




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            Peace, hello Raghavendra...  Thank you very much for helping!  Sorry for the definite delay (holidays, family, and McAfee forums offline upgrade) in replying...


            value/folder path for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\AVEngine\DAT  =  C:\Program Files\McAfee\VirusScan\DAT\6196.0


            1. The folder does exist.

            2. There are no sub-folders in it, but it has 4 files in it.  Those 4 files are:


            avvclean.dat     5,294 KB
            avvnames.dat     2,128 KB
            avvscan.dat    104,041 KB
            mferuntime.dat       0 KB


            6196 is just 1 DAT file behind the most recent, I think.  That's entirely acceptable to me, and MVT did not report that it was out of date.  But again, unquestionably with all due respect, I'm no expert...


            Any other details that you need I'm happy to check and respond back...  Thank you again, I appreciate it...  Peace...

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              Thank you very much. We will look into it and get back sooner the possible.




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                That's great, thank you very much...!  Sooner is indeed appreciated, but take your time, no rush please.  I'm just 1 customer among countless others, I understand and respect that - I'm patient hopefully...  Also, I'll be out of town without my computer (It's not a laptop.) all day Saturday, December 18th, and unknown part of Sunday the 19th.  I might be able to get online on someone else's computer, but without mine I can't do much - so no definite hurry.  Thank you again for everything...  Peace...

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                  Peace...  With all due respect to what I said in my immediate prior post about being patient, certainly believing it at the time and I still do...  With all due respect to the quick responses I have been kindly receiving...  It's simply that I researched the problem "entirely too long" on my own prior to posting, I definitely should have posted sooner.  That's absolutely my "fault", mine alone and no one else's.  As I opened in my first insanely long post I positively don't like burdening others, I prefer to fix things on my own, allthough I'm allways open to/encourage help.  I also didn't know if the "Post System Restore Issue" was perhaps trivial, that everything was working and to just ignore the error.  I also said in my first post/paragraph that I didn't know if I should post here in the MVT Forum, or the VirusScan 14 Forum.  MVT does report the issue under VirusScan which definitely causes concern of potential seriousness, but it is MVT that reports it.  A poor thought I've allways had is to post in the VirusScan 14 Forum, but I don't want to be yelled at for "double-posting".  With all due respect to Raghavendra and others I have indeed been receiving help, and the thread has continued for as long as it has - right or wrong, I think it makes the most sense to keep it here.


                  Respectfully all that said, something needs to be tried...  Unless someone tells me don't do it, or to wait however long...after a day/maybe more fretting further harm to my computer, I'm probably going to first use System Restore, then MVT to test.  If that fails as I suspect, I'm going to uninstall McAfee, probably with MCPR.exe, but I'm unsure if I should un-do the System Restore (I'm thinking I won't?).  Next MVT to check McAfee full uninstall, re-install McAfee, then MVT to test re-install.  I'll post here to hopefully help others of my success, or possible mistakes to not make...  Thank you, I definitely appreciate it...  Peace...

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                    Sorry for the delayed response, but please be informed that we are making research on the above issues and I have notified the concerned team yet again. We will kep you posted on this soon.


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                      Hi John,


                      My other mate is working on this and will get back to you.




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                        Peace, hello Dinz and Raghavendra...  Thank you for your responses, I definitely appreciate it!  I appreciate the explanation, but there's no need for apology.  I understand I'm just 1 customer, and the forums are forever busy.  I respect you and others for helping so many other people, and me.  It's been the holidays, and things take endless time to research.  I do need to apologize for my own overly long response time, I'm sincerely sorry.  It has been the holidays, family visits/birthdays, among other things needing my time - I'm sorry...


                        I have not and will not use System Restore, nor uninstalled McAfee - I'll wait and defer to expert advice, thank you...  One reason for my immediate prior post is that my oldest System Restore Points are becoming unavailable daily, and I thought it wise to take advantage of it while there.  I still have time to spare, but it's dwindling.


                        I'm sorry to add burden upon burdening confusion, but so everyone knows:  Doing a recent MVT scan again I noticed it actually reports "Post System Restore IssueS" (plural WITH S), a blunder of an oversight on my part I've wrongly allways said "Post System Restore Issue" (singular NO s).  If I've thrown off your research my eternal apologies, as allways...  In my first post I said "I'm fairly certain I never used System Restore on my own computer, or at least not without un-doing the Restore.  I'm 100% positive I have not used (had a need to use) System Restore in maybe a year or so."  I also should have mentioned earlier my memory is on the short side...  Respectfully, the main point is that it's been "some definite time", though "maybe a year or so" seems broadly correct.  I should have also noted that in System Restore there is no "Undo my last restoration" option, just "Restore my computer to an earlier time" and "Create a restore point" options.  Does that mean I have not used System Restore (at least not without un-doing) on my computer as I've thought?  But again, it makes MVT reporting "Post System Restore Issues" curious.


                        I thank you and everyone for their reading, your time, help, and etc - thank you...!  Peace...

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                          Hi John,


                          Pl. confirm if I am correct in understanding that you are facing this issue:

                          'Post system Restore issues' deviation is appearing again and again.  Even though you are clicking on Fix it.


                          Pl. run MVT once again

                          a) Attach the screenshot of the issue.

                          b) Also save the problem log and diagnostic log on the desktop and send it across.

                          c) Go to C:\Documents and Settings\logged in user\Application Data\McAfee\Supportability\MVTLogs\Results.  Attach result.xml and completeresult.xml


                          Explanation of why MVT implemented this top issue " Post System Restore Issues" 


                          Real time scanning used to get disabled due to various reasons and one of them was Post system restore.  This was implemented in MVT to fix the real time scanning disabled issue.

                          Though the text reads issues in plural, it means singular.




                          QA Lead.