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    File found/added to zip twice

      Have seen this occur a few times. A file is detected by both it's short path and full path. It is then reported twice and stored in the zip file twice.


      Status MD5 Location File Name Attribute Company Description Product Version File Version File Size Creation Date Modification Date Type Scan Error
      UNKNOWN4010198b84cd6b63f3883f5d24402c63C:\Program Files\UltimateZip  2.7uzshldr.dllA551,42404/09/2002 00:0004/09/2002 00:00Module
      UNKNOWN4010198b84cd6b63f3883f5d24402c63C:\PROGRA~1\ULTIMA~1.7uzshldr.dllA551,42404/09/2002 00:0004/09/2002 00:00Shell-Extensions
      UNKNOWN286791d888ad7040aa67b37fca0de141C:\PROGRA~1\ULTIMA~1.7uzshlex.dllA409,08803/20/2002 00:0003/20/2002 00:00Shell-Extensions


      I don't know if this is fixable, but would assist with the size of some of the zip files. It also would prevent an issue when unzipping the zip file where the file already exists in the destination folder.



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