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    EEPC 5.1.8 with XP SP3 - On-Disk Structure Being Destroyed


      I have run into a number of encrypted machines that have failed with a "SafeBoot is not installed" message and when the disk is examined with WinTech, the partition exists but there is no on-disk structure -- no SBFS, folders or files, presumably because the MFT is missing/corrupt. I always confirm that I have the correct key by loading the starting sector of the partition into the Workspace and decrypting it. I also run SpinRite on the drive to confirm that the problem is not a hardware failure -- such drives are always "clean"; i.e. no bad sectors.


      While I understand that a Force Decrypt can be done followed by a recovery tool such as TestDisk to rebuild the MFT, my question is not about recovery but about cause. Has anyone else seen this situation and if so, does anyone have any idea as to what is causing this type of catastrophic disk corruption. This is happening enough that people are beginning to blame EEPC and it is hard to counter such claims with no information.