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    Virus scan 8.7 and Windows 7 64 bit

      I have an EPO 4.5 server with VSE 8.7 patch 4 installed. When a WIndows 7 machine is added to a group its supposed to install VSE 8.7. However, its not pulling it down from the server, or the server is not pushing it out. This process works fine for a Windows XP 32 bit machine.


      How the process goes:

           1. We go to the EPO server and manually add the machine to a group

           2. We see the mcshield automatically show up on the computer

           3. We wait for the antivirus to download and install

           4. Never happends


      As always i will be more than happy to add additional information.



      I finally got it to show an error. Now im going to remove the antivirus package and re-add it


      error: Updater 12/13/2010 1:42:11 PM Info Error occurred while downloading VIRUSCAN8700(195).ZIP.



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          I removed the 195 package and anything else with the version 8.7 next to it (except the anti-spyware mod). I then re-downloaded the new package, 570. Once this was done the package was sent right down to the Windows 7 machine with out any issues. Hope this helps someone.

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            Thanks for sharing this experience.


            It might also be worth mentioning that to get Windows 7 support,  I think Agent 4.5 is  a prereq.

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              Updater #2

              I had a custom install package out on the server and i learned that i had something wrong with the package. I had to remove the two ZIP files out and recreate the install package. I had to remove the clean package from the EPO server and replace it with the custom package then everything pushed out fine. So the main issue with the entire process was that i had a bad custom install package. WIndows XP seemed to over look it but not Windows 7.


              Hope this helps someone as well.


              The custom package creator needs to have everything out of the source directory except the main files to install the antivirus (Remove ZIP and DOC files). I had made a custom registry file and placed it in there as well. Had to remove it as it still crashed the creation process.



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