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    How to make screensaver work with Windows 7

      I have Windows 7 Ultimate on my netbook.  The screensaver and all of the power options, such as sleep mode, or asking the screen to dim or go blank after a certain number of minutes, were not working anytime I had the wireless mouse and keyboard plugged in.  If I unplugged the usb wireless mouse, then the screensaver and power options would invoke themselves properly.  To get the screen saver and power options to work while a wireless mouse or keyboard is plugged in, do the following:

      Go to All Programs, then to Windows Update.  Then download updates if needed.  Then click on the link "Review optional updates".  Then from these optional updates, probably around 48, select "Microsoft HID non-user input data filter".  Install this update.  Once done, the screensaver and power options will function normally even while a wireless mouse is connected to the laptop.



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