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    Consolidating machine groups


      We've got lots of machine groups that I'd like to consolidate for simplicity state.


      The current admin here has groups based on workstation operating system.


      ie. Vista machines, XP machines, Win 7, etc.


      There is no reason I cant have all these machine types in one group, correct ? The installation set I create will work on all 3 OS's ?


      Also, can I just drag and drop existing machines to the new group ? Will this cause any problems ?






      on 12/13/10 2:28:53 PM CST
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          As long as the machines groups are "uncontrolled", then sure, you can move machines around at will - it won't change their properties at all. If the groups are "controlled" then moving the machine into them will change the properties - possibly not what you want.


          If you can see all the property pages of the machines in the groups, then it's not a controlled group.


          The only other strange thing could be if you are using Autodomain with the move machine option on - if so it may move the machine back again.

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            Thanks.. and the installation set ? That'll work for XP, Vista, and 7 ?



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              depends of course on what version of the product you have, but yes, if the current version works on all OS's, then any install package will work on all OSs (as long as you didn't edit it to make it not work anyway).