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    Outbound X-Header filter rule in IronMail

      Hi, I am trying to configure a rule in IronMail 6.7.2 to filter OUTBOUND email based on an email X-Header and having no luck getting the rule to trigger.  I tried a word dictionary set to the X-Header name/value and then use that dictionary in a content filter rule applied to outbound traffic but I can't seem to get the rule to fire.  I see a lot of references to ADD X-Header values to messages, but I have yet to find a place to search for existing X-Headers.


      Envelope analysis rules sounds like the logical rule that I would want to use, but there are only options to search for sender, recipient, size, subject in the envelope.


      Any ideas would be appreciated.

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          I would have thought that your dictionary entry would work, but you can also use User Defined Header Analysis to assign points based on header entries/values.  Go to Anti-Spam > Anti-Spam Advanced > User Defined Header Analysis.


          Back to the dictionary entry- do you see the dictionary listed in the ESP summary in your email headers?  (This assumes you've enabled the option to add ESP scores to the header of course.)

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            I did see the "User Defined Header Analysis" section, but I assume that since it's under the Anti-Spam section it is only applied to INbound mail flow.  I also tried a dictionary/content rule to key off the subject line and that does not seem to work on OUTbound mail flow either.


            Can someone confirm that the Anti-Spam rules or even the content filter rules will work on OUTbound traffic?


            My basic goal here is to setup some quarantine/routing rules to handle outbound messages based on x-headers.  I have a DLP system inline before the Ironmail boxes where I stamp messages with different headers so I need to be able to detect those headers in the Ironmail rules.

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              You will need to go to Queue Manager, Configure Queues and click on  MIME Ripper. Clear the checkmark next to "Bypass outbound messages for Anti-Spam"   I used this in testing to reroute messages with a particular x-header and worked well.  I just don't have anything like this in production right now, so I don't know the extent of performance


              degradation of scanning outbound for x-headers.


              Hope this helps!




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                Thanks David, that is exactly what I was looking for.  Enabling the outbound anti-spam and the User Defined Header Analysis was the solution.  At first it did not work for me until I realized that the address I was testing with was in several whitelist rules so it was bypassing everything.