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    McAfee Install never completes

      I am trying to install McAfee Interset security suite. I have windows 7 64 bit OS. I downloaded DMSetup.exe from the site. After clicking on it it opens a window. Initially it displays; "Please wait while we gather  information for McAfee download". Then ti goes into some mode which i can't describe. But it never completes the download and installation of the software. The installation is not un-responsive because i can move the window. When i try to close it it warns asking that you are tying to end the install.


      I kept it running over night. It still faces the same issue.


      Please help I need AV on my machine.

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            I would like to know some information before we proceed further.




          1. Have you used any other security program or McAfee before.


          2. What is Name of the package (EX : Total Protection,virus scan ....etc).


          3 .Have you done any hardware changes most recently .

               (EX :System restore ,Reformat,.....etc).


          4 .Are you getting any  Malware or Trojan alert.








          on 12/13/10 11:53:43 AM CST
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            I had McAfee Total Protection installtion before. But when i got the new one from Bank Of America site. I uninstalled the previous one and started installing this one. I am not getting any Malware or Trojan alert. No hardware or software change performed except for uninstalling the previous version.



            Sarvesh Damle

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                       How did you remove the McAfee ? Manually or did you run any removal tool.

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                Using Windows un-installer. Then restarted it couple of times to make sure that no traces are present. Still no luck. I also tried the McAfee Pre installer mentioned in some other thread and re-started the machine. Still the same issue.



                Sarvesh Damle

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                           What exactly happening when you try to download McAfee are you getting any specified error message or is it a blank window.



                  on 12/13/10 12:04:54 PM CST
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                          Please follow the following trouble shooting steps and try download McAfee.


                    Step1 :



                    Download the McAfee removal tool from : MCPR.exe (Click here)


                    Click Save and save the file to a folder on your Desktop.


                    Right-click MCPR.exe and select Run as Administrator.


                    Reboot the computer.



                    Step 2:



                    Create new test account as Administrator and try download McAfee in that account.




                    Click on the Start button.


                    Click on the Control Panel .


                    Click on the Add or remove user accounts control panel option as shown by the red arrow in figure 1.


                    Click Create New Account .



                    In the New account name field enter the name of the new account that you would like to create.(EX : TEST)


                    You then need to decide which of the two types of accounts you would like to create. in that check  Administrator account.


                    Click Create Account tab now you can see new user account in User Account Window.


                    Reboot the computer and login to the new account and try download McAfee. 







                    on 12/13/10 12:33:55 PM CST
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                      As i mentioned in my original post; When i run the .exe file; i get a new window open. For the first few seconds an "activity rotating circle" is displayed with "Please wait while we gather  information for McAfee download". Then the message and circle goes and I get a blank window (having "McAfee title bar"). Look at the attached image.


                      No error messages is shown though.



                      Sarvesh Damle

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                        That work around worked. Is there no other clean way to get my antivirus installed and reinstalled?



                        Sarvesh Damle

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                                It's really good know that you are able to install McAfee and i hope it was installed properly.



                                What you have to do is just ran update in McAfee and check the status.


                                No need to uninstall and reinstall McAfee.



                                So,i hope every thing will go fine here after.



                          Note :


                                     We created test account  in order  to download McAfee with out any interrupt.


                                     You can delete the account if you want it will not cause any issues.







                          on 12/13/10 2:07:32 PM CST
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