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    Mcafee security centre is not allow the rest of us to connect to network keeps broadcasting every 3 mins and killing the signal

      I live in a apartment building that has 21 rooms, a freind of mine worked out, using a program for the router, that one of the people was using some sort of Mcafee security centre program that scans the the router or the network every 3 minutes. The problem is when this happens we find we can not connect to the linksys for longer than the space between the broadcasts, because it constantly knocks the signal and we have to keep trying to reconnect. We have found a solution, that is he turns off his wireless when not using it, but it's not a good one cause he uses the internet when we do.


      Now a few more have moved in with new computers they also have the program.....is there anyway to stop the broadcasting and scanning of the home network?

      if so can you reply as simple as possible as I am not a real up to date computer tech sort of person.