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    Uninstall Brings BSOD - Windows 7 (64) - HELP!!

      A month ago I purchased a new Dell XPS 7100, Studio Phenom X6, that came with McAfee Security Center pre-installed. Today the 30 day trial ran out. So I installed Trend Micro Security Suite which uninstalled the McAfee Security Center. Rebooted to finish process.


      BSOD!!! Crashes at ndis.sys..........


      Only way back in is Safe Mode without network. Otherwise, I get buzzing and a crash on the login screen.


      I have run MCPR.exe and MCPR2.exe. Neither finishes successfully (log attached). Neither one solves the problem.


      I'm desperate! These forums have provided no clear guidance. Dell won't help, since this is McAfee's screwup. I have noted that even priority phone service hasn't been useful for some people. What can I do besides scrub everything down?