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    System Tool 2011 infection but not showing on GetSups logs?

      Vinoo, thanks for taking a look at this. My other post was:

      Hi, My laptop was also attacked by System Tool 2011. I have ran McAfee in Safemode and it was stopped half way through scan. I cannot seem to access the mcafee website. I read through the other posts and they are over my head... Please help it is finals week for my school!

      Oh and now I cannot open McAfee at all!

      Here is my results from Getsusp. Thanks

      and Vinoo reply was:

      Your machines do not appear to be actively infected based on the GetSusp logs posted.


      What are the symptoms you are experiencing that makes you believe your machine is infected? Please start a new thread under home user assistance section and we'll be happy to help.



      My symptoms when it first got on my computer was as a fake anti-virus scan. It took over the desktop backdrop, put an icon on my desktop "System Tool 2011" and lots of popups. It also blocked my internet assess to mcafee and norton. I got Mcafee running in safe mode but it stopped working about half way through the scan. Spybot ran and quarentined some stuff (not sure what).

      My desktop backdrop is back to normal,the popups have stopped, but the icon is still there, ctrl+alt+delete will not work, and my internet access to some sites is blocked.

      I am not sure what to do. Thanks for your help!



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