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    Extensions Issue

      Hey, my old DB was giving me a hard time so i've decided to create a new one.Everything worked fine. Then the week after I've installed a new db I tried to upload a new epo extension (hips one btw), but it couldn't remove the old one. Then I tried to remove or upload any other extensions but all of them stucked while trying to remove themselves giving the same annoying message "Please wait" for like an hour and after that epo application would just log tself off. Do you guys know what is the problem? I couldn't find any error in my Epo (db) logs or orion log? I really need help with that Issue hope you help me.





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          please someone I really need help!!!

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            Attila Polinger



            could you just describe what do you mean you "decided to create" a new database? What does that mean exactly? What did you do with the old one?



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              Attila Polinger

              Regarding the removal of old extension: did the force removal of extension not succeed ? (by itself, not by installing new extension and checking the "Force remove old one" checkbox)


              you could also try setting LogLevel to 8 on the ePO server and monitor server.log. It should show the removal SQL statement and a return code if any from the database...



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                I created a new database and deleted the old one. Log level 8 is already working but i can see any interesting information in server log, Anyway how do you do force removal?

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                  Attila Polinger

                  Forced extension removal is done by enabling the appropriate checkbox on the confirmation window that you get when you selected "Remove" in the Extension page (see attached pic)


                  You could retry removal again in the following manner:


                  1. While LogLevel is on 8 on the ePolicy server, try removing the extension without using the above referenced checkbox. If that fails again, please - with indication of the time and date of this removal attempt - post here the server.log.


                  2. Do the above in step 1 again, except use the checkbox for force removal. If that again fails, please post here the server.log with indication of the date and time of this second attempt (so we can find the entries).


                  Sometimes an extension is dependant on another, but then it should warn you of this when removal, I suppose you did not get such message...