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    How do I stop McAfee from Quarantining "Good" Cookies?

      I use a web based TV programing guide:  Zap To It located at: http://affiliate.zap2it.com/tvlistings/ZCGrid.do


      When I first visit this page it provides a field to enter my zip code and then enter my cable TV provider.  After this initial setup each time I visit the page the programs in my area are displayed.  My location and provider information is apparently stored on my PC as a tracking cookie.

      When I scan my PC using McAfee it quarantines these cookies as a potential threat.   I don't want to have to set up the TV guide every time I visit the page.  How to I stop McAfee from quarantining some items or somehow mark these as "good" cookies so McAfee will leave them alone?


      Thank you.

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          Peter M

          What shape is your taskbar icon, square or shield-shaped?

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            Peter M

            It could be that VirusScan is removing the tracking cookies which you  need.  Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter.


            Click Virus and Spyware Protection


            Click Real Time Scanning


            Uncheck Tracking Cookies (under 'Threats')


            Click Apply


            Now click Navigation (top right)


            Click Quarantined and Trusted Items in the list below


            Click each drawer to expand and restore the items when you find them.


            This is assuming you have the 2010 or 2011 product which have a shield-shaped taskbar icon.

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              Thanks for your reply.  I have the shield shaped icon.


              What you have suggested does help.  The cookies are no longer quarantined immediately (real time).  However, each time I conduct a scan (self innitiated or a scheduled scan) those cookies are once again identified as a threat and moved to the quarantined folder.  After I perform a scan I have reconfigure the web page setttings with my location and provider.  I don't see any method to move these cookies to the "trusted" folder or prevent the scan operation from identifying them as potential threats.

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                Peter M

                Then try to avoid doing a scan for the time being.  The 2011 version which is in beta testing, will allow for exceptions to be named so they wont be quarantined any more.


                Until then I suggest following the advice here:  https://community.mcafee.com/thread/2016

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                  Peter M

                  Moved to SecurityCenter 10 - 2010.

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                    To be on the safe side scan with an outside anti-malware agent such as

                    Malwarebytes (Free) or SuperAntispyware (Free). Let them clean everything they find.


                    That is interesting.  I used Malwarebytes up until this afternoon.  The technical support people at McAfee told me that I had to uninstall Marwarebytes as it was a conflicting program with McAfee.


                    There must be something to what they said.  Before the call McAfee would freeze up the PC whenever I tried to perform a scan.  I unintalled Malwarebytest and the scans would run without issue.


                    You now advise not to run McAfee scans for now and use Malwarebytes.  What is the point of McAfee if I don't use it to scan my PC and if it has a conflict with Malwarebytes.


                    I am not trying to be difficult.  I simply don't understand the purpose of McAfee if I am not suppose to use it to scan the PC and use something else instead.

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                      Peter M

                      I didn't tell anyone to stop using McAfee and start using Malwarebytes or anything else.  The point of that link is how to temporarily disable McAfee in order to restore a quarantined item so you can submirt it to McAfee Labs for analysis.


                      Within a few hours you should hopefully no longer have whatever the item is detected as a virus.


                      Those scans mentioned at the end there are merely precautionary and are meant as a supplement to any antivirus that people may have.


                      When I said don't scan I meant until this issue is sorted out.



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                        I did not mean to imply that "you" had told me to stop using Malwarebytes.  For the past three months I have ran McAfee Security Center (version install on new Dell PCs) and MalwareBytes Pro without apparent conflict.  Today I noticed that if I attempted to run a full or quick scan with McAfee the PC would freeze up and become unresponsive (requiring and shutdown and restart).

                        When I call McAfee technical support I was advised that MalwareBytes was incompatible with McAfee and the first step to resolve the issue was uninstall MalwareBytes.  I did that and the McAfee scans now run without issue.


                        I have since learned that I can reinstall MalwareBytes and as long as I don't set it to start when Windows starts it doesn't appear to cause a conflict.  I start Windows, McAfee starts. I then manually start MalwareBytes Pro real time protection and I can still initiate McAfee scans without freezing up the PC.


                        When they do run they detect the cookies associated witht the Zap 2 It.com website location and provider information.  After running the scan the cookies are moved to the Quarantined Protentially Unwanted Programs folder.


                        I appreciate your dedication to assist with this issue. Still I have tried to the best of my ability to understand how to make this stop happening and it continues to do so.  I feel like that "I" should have the option to mark these cookies as safe and the software then leave them alone.  It doesn't appear to work that way and I suppose I will just have to learn to live with it or find different software.



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                          Peter M

                          That's OK.  MBAM Pro can cause a problem that's why I usually recommend the free version only.   But you have found a way around that.


                          The gist of that link was so you could report those cookies to McAfee Labs  to have them included in their allowed list.

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