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    MS Outlook 2010 Add In

      Just got a new Dell that came with McAfee Security Center pre-installed and I purchased a MS Office 2010 package with Outlook within a day.  Just had a issue with something getting by and sending SPAM out to some of my contacts in my name which ended up in my Junk email folder.


      While looking into another issue, I notice that in my Outlook Add Ins, the McAfee Add in box is unchecked but in all my Security Center options, all email protection is ON.  Is there a difference between the Security Center options and the settings within MS Outlook?  Is my email protection scanning really ON or OFF?

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          Hi T'ski,


          Could you please let us know some of the following details ;

          Windows version, Outlook version , Antispam version ,



          Also, let us know whether you receive any spam that falls directly to your inbox ?



          Dinesh K

          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            W7 Pro 64-bit, Outlook Build 14.0.4760.100, Anti-SPAM v11.5 Build 11.5.131.  I don't get what appears to be SPAM in my Inbox, it appears to go into my Junk folder that's why I wonder why the McAfee Add In is unchecked.  Is the McAfee Add In for something other than SPAM like a virus, etc?  Email protection in McAfee is turned ON but what does that really mean, SPAM and/or viruses??  My Office 2010 package wasn't pre-installed like McAfee Security Center was.



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