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    Internet Security Upgrade Pop Up

      We recently upgraded Internet Security.  Now, we get pop ups every few minutes asking that we "Please restart your PC to upgrade to the latest version of McAfee Internet Security.  Upgrade to get the latest security features and enhancements and to make sure your software continues to run smoothly."  We have restarted the computer many times and we have run a virus scan but continue to get this message.  We uninstalled the software through McAfee and reinstalled it as we were advised.  Still, continuous pop ups.  How do we get rid of this annoying pop up?

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          Hi GReece,

          Could you please provide me with the following information;


          What is the operating system of the computer ?
          What Service Pack ?


          Also, Open Internet explorer -Click tools - Click on Windows update.

          Install any important windows updates if available.




          Dinesh K

          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            Windows Vista Home Premium 2006

            The only upgrade I see available is Office Genuine Notifications. There are three optional updates (i.e. Windows Live Essentials, something for a fax modem, Intel Display update,

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              Good luck to you, Greece.  I had the same problem. And I have Windows Vista installable Windows Vista updates, but there are updates that I do not wish to install.  My problem with those particular, intrusive McAfee pop-ups disappeared, however, when my McAfee subscription expired.  Now, I get pop-ups ordering me to renew. 


              I did try to renew, but I had a question, so I went to McAfee online chat and spent 25 minutes signing on, having intrusive software installed onto my computer, and, finally, chatting with someone named Arjun Das.  I opened with my question.  Twenty minutes later, after nothing useful had happened, I asked if Mr/Ms Das was going to answer my question.  The response was, "Yes, ask your question."  I reiterated my question in simplistic and more detailed wording.  The response was, I don't understand your question.  Call this number...   The waste of time so annoyed me that I closed the chat window without recording the number, intending to go straight to Norton.   I cannot, however, get rid of the intrusive McAfee popups.  And I do not intend to install a Windows update that I do not want to install, so what, McAfee, is the solution?


              And just for the record, the terribly difficult question that I asked, initially, is this:  In preparing to renew, I read that McAfee Internet Security works with IE and Firefox browsers.  I use AOL browser.  I believe, too, that AOL supplies its own Internet security program.  Therefore, I want to know, to have my computer be secure, can I purchase only a McAfee Antivirus subscription, for files that I install from non-Internet sources, rather than buying the entire, approximately 2X more expensive McAfee Internet Security subscription?  In other words, is McAfee Internet Security redundant with the security subscription that comes with AOL?

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                Any help for me yet? It is very annoying to try and watch a movie when I keep getting a useless popup . . .

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                  Hi GReece,


                  Did you ever get a fix/response to this problem?  I am having the same issue right now.  I've uninstalled and installed the software again and continue to get that same popup.  Virus scans come up with nothing as well.

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                    I did a Windows Service Pack update and it (finally!) went away.