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    No Protection / Won't  Fix


      McAfee shows and alert at or soon after boot up saying "No Protection".

      The small McAfee icon in the bottom right corner next to the clock shows the yellow exclimation point in it.

      I bring up McAfee and click on the "Fix" button, the green bar goes back and forth, but nothing happens and nothing changes.

      Continually, each time the computer is restarted the same annoying claing-gong sound comes over the speakers and the problem presists.

      The "no protection" alert continues to pop up.

      I have Windows XP SP3, and McAfee is from my ISP, AT&T.

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          Hello rochelle,

          While McAfee says : Am I protected NO --> You would be displayed with an error message beneath the Fix button, could you please provide us with that.

          If possible attach a screen shot of your security center (While it says not proected/Without clicking on FIX).

          Also, do you have any other security software installed in the computer ?

          Please run McAfee virtual technician from http://mvt.mcafee.com and provide us with the session id that you receive at the end.





          Dinesh K

          McAfee Online Community Moderator