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    HDD Rescue - help please!

      Last night this 'HDD Rescue' popped up on my laptop. It keeps popping up saying I have no RAM space left, critical errors on C Drive and wants to run a system Defragmentation. I think eventually it will want me to purchase the whole package of HDD Rescue to fix it, but obviously this is a scam. I really am going nuts trying to get rid of this thing. I ran a full scan on McAfee which ignored it. I couldn't system restore to an earlier date to get rid of it. I ran Malware Bytes and it didn't find anything. I downloaded Stinger today and on the first run it didn't find anything. On the second sweep, following the instructions to uncheck boxes and change something else to 'Very High' it's found what I assume is 'HDD Rescue'. It keeps coming saying it's found variations of the Artemis!9A2010211EF1 Trojan and Virus. I've searched for that term under the list of known viruses but I can't find it. I'm assuming that's the 'HDD Rescue' icon on my desktop and toolbar.


      Anywho, my question is, how do I get rid of it? I am in no way shape of form technical so any solutions/responses (which will be very well received) will need to be in the most basic of possible terms that someone like me can follow. I've attached the report from Stinger, I don't know if that helps?


      Thanks in advance!