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    USB Smart Card Reader during Pre-Boot

      Hi Guys,


      is there any special magic to access an Omnikey Cardman 3121 USB SmartCard Reader during Pre-Boot-Auth? This device is listed as supported USB Reader for EEPC 6.0.2, but it does not respond during Pre-Boot. Once I skip the Pre-Boot and boot into Windows the reader and smartcard work flawlessly. I enabled Pre-Boot USB support in Product Based Policy but the Card reader would not respond or flash any LED. On entering the PIN I only get the message "Insert SmartCard" but it is already inserted. Tried to have the reader plugged in during power up and plugging it in afterwards, but nothing changes. It looks as if the reader cannot be "seen" by EEPC.


      Thanks for any info you might be able to provide here!

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          Is this on a HP system by chance?  We have had problems getting any card readers to be accessible on the HP's.  Dell's work fine.  I have the same scenario that you are explaining.  Hopefully someone else has a solution.

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            Indeed it is an HP machine. The model is HP Elitebook 8540P. We did not try any other brands yet as there are a lot of these machines in use and it needs to run on them or else we have a deal breaker.

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              Tech support blamed it on the internal card readers in the HP laptops.  Said they were not on the "supported list".  Well, that's all well and good, but on the HP mini's, which don't have interal readers, I am using a "Supported" ActivIdentity USB V2.0 reader with the same results.  They glossed over that part and are blaming the internal reader on my EliteBook.  It's something in the HP bios I'm thinking, but then again I just want an answer from McAfee or anyone that has got this to work on the HP's and what they did to accomplish this.