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    Bart PE Plugin with EEPC 5.2.5

      We recently upgraded from EEPC 5.1.9 to 5.2.5. It was suggested that we would need to create a new Bart PE/Wintech CD with the 5.2.5 version of the plugin to properly recover machines when needed. I followed the instructions as I had done for the 5.1.9 version and created the disk with the new plugin (found with the EEPC525 setup files). It boots just fine on a Dell D620 so it has the proper SATA drivers. However, after attempting to authenticate to SBFS I get "Unable to find the system boot disk." I AM able to authenticate to the SDB file. I had the same results trying it on an HP 8440p. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

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          Booting winpe does not use the hard disk, so that's no test of whether you have the right sata drivers installed, which is still the probable reason it does not work - you don't have the right drivers.  You should be able to see the drive in a4k when you boot bartpe, it just will appear unformatted until you mount it with win tech.  If you don't see the drive listed, then you dont have the right disk drivers installed.

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            Thanks for the response. I understand how the incorrect driver could cause an error like this but when I boot from the Bart disk and go to the A43 file explorer utility I CAN see the Local Disk C listed; I cannot see any contents which makes sense, it's encrypted. Would I be able to see the drive listed if the Sata drivers were incorrect? I was able to authenticate using the sdb file, but still could not mount SBFS as a drive - same error. That to me would back up the theory that the Sata driver is not correct; agree? I'm going to try the same disk on an identical machine that is not encrypted to see if I can explore the C drive. Thanks.

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              More information... I decrypted my D620, then booted up from the same Bart PE disk and I'm able to see and access all of the files on Local Disk C. Gotta think the drivers are correct. Is there something else I should look for in the plugin files? Anything else I may be missing?

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                Do you want to mount sbfs, or do you want to access the encrypted drives? Two very different things,  But, if you can see c: in a4k, and you have the credentials or .sdb file, you should be able to mount the drive from within win tech.  You did remember to use the mount drive function? It's not automatic, you need to run the appropriate commads after booting your bartpe cd....

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                  I'm trying to create a new BartPE disk with the updated 5.2.5 plugin so I can provide this to our techs in the field. I'm testing the basic functions that a technician would need. For instance, once the Wintech tools are acccessed using the daily code, the first action would normally be to authenticate to the SBFS - we provide the administrator credentials and with that, the tech can decrypt the machine if thats what they need to do. That's where I'm running into the problem "unable to find the system boot disk." I have admin credentials, but it will not let me get that far because of the error. Yes, I can authenticate to the sdb file, but we generally don't go that route unless we need to recover the MBR. It's not that I need to mount the drive, I just thought that would be a good test to prove/disprove the incorrect driver theory. As I said in my last post, I decrypted my D620 and booted from the same BartPe disk. I was able to view and access all the files on Drive C. It would seem the Sata drives are correct, agree? If that's the case. what else can it be?

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                    OK, got it going. I installed a fresh copy of PEBuilder 3110a on a different machine and added only the new EEPC 5.2.5 plugin and the same Sata drivers I used before. I created a new ISO and booted my same D620 with it. Now I am able to authenticate to SBFS by providing the admin credentials; no error. There must be something wrong with my previous PEBuilder setup; too much tinkernig with other plugins I guess. Maybe remnants of the previous EEPC plugin? I appreciate the help..