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    EEPC machine name?


      On stand alone Endpoint installation sets, if you go to c:/program files/mcafee/endpoint for pc, open SCM.ini, you can see the Endpoint machine name.  With online machines, the installation set is created at the group level, so SCM.ini only shows the Endpoint group name, not machine name.  SBCLIENTLOG.txt shows the clients machine name, however the status log is purged after a while so I can't see the machine name at the beginning of the log.  Is there another way to find the Endpoint machine name on the client.



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          Yes, through pre-boot. Cancel loging go to Options and perform machine recovery. You will see machine ID which is even more important than name.

          Or is EEM use audit log for user that is assigned to this machine. It will also show machines that synched for that user.