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    RPCServ.exe caused an exception at 7C386D25



      Thank you for a great forum.

      I get the following error each time I log on to Terminal Services on my 2003 Server SP1, Exchange 2003, McAfee total protection


      "RPCServ.exe caused an exception at 7C386D25"


      This is my server specifications:

      Intel Pentium 4 HT


      3.8GB of RAM




      System status: Up-To-Date
      Last server connection: 12/7/2010 
      Product Install Date 1/16/2007 
      DAT version: 6189  Latest DAT version: 6190.0000
      DAT date: 12/6/2010  Latest DAT date: 12/7/2010 PST
      Product language: ENU 
      Engine version: 5400.1158 
      Relay server: No 
      Agent version: 5.0.0 Patch 6 
      Scanner build number: 
      OS version: Windows Server 2003,Build 3790,Service Pack 1 



      I hope this helps


      Kind regards

      Jesper Nohr

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          I have read your post.

          Please be informed that McAfee has rolled out the McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection 5.2 version.

          Please upgrade the McAfee software from version 5.0 to version 5.2 version and this will resolve the issue that you are facing.

          Please try to uninstall the software and reinstall to get the new v5.2 on the server/computer.


          Pritish P.

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            Hi Pritish


            thank you for your answer.

            Can you tell me, will I need to restart my server after uninstalling the old version of McAfee?

            And what about after installing the new version?


            Also.  Is McAfee total protection designed for servers?  I see that it is the same version that is installed on our client computers.

            and would you suggest that i install the firewall aswell?  or will it cause me to much trouble with blocked connections, maintanece etc.


            edit:  I have noticed that we have a "McAfee security service for exchange" installed on the exchange server.

            Will this work with McAfee 5.2 ?



            Kind regards




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              I have read your post.

              Yes, you need to restart the server after the uninstallation and the reinstallation of the McAfee software on  the server. It is good if you do not install the McAfee firewall on the server however the McAfee firewall is fully compatible with the servers that are in the below link.

              https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB60533&actp=search&viewlo cale=en_US&searchid=1291952711690

              Please look at the link and check if the McAfee firewall is compatible on your Server Operating system and then proceed with the install.

              If you have any questions regarding the install and with the compatibility, you can contact McAfee Technical Support directly and we shall help you with your queries and help you resolve the issue that you are facing.


              Pritish P.