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    HELP...VSO_DAT FILE DL 12/6/10

      Hi I am on Vista have aol's security center from McAfee..last year I had this issue too it seems...I keep going mega slow trying to dl this dat file I had auto update on...I AM ON DIAL UP..So I went to a place where I could use woreless...checked updates and it said 2 TIMES I am updated....I get home and late at night back on dial up I am going at maybe 10% dled every 2 hrs..I can go back and use wireless I SHUT OFF Auto update cause I can't use the bet I crawl while this update goes on and on....Can you help ...advise please??????? How do I get this to DL from wireless or even go much faster on dial up. I can't leave my puter on all night AOL shuts you off....The dl started very late/early like at 3 AM my time


      I have Vista

      security center 9.15

      virus 13.5


      thank you and please someone help I am not too puter savvy