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    False Positive? GoToAssist Express Installer

      last week I was able to install GoToAssist Express on my personal laptop. File name is g2ax_expert_downloader_win32_X86.exe. The file came directly from thier website. On my work laptop, I cannot install it as it supposedly is infected with W32/Ramnit.a.dr. The work computer had the 8189.DAT pattern file at the time and I've updated it to 8190.DAT. Still no luck on downloading it. A coworker was on an earlied DAT file dated 12/1 (pre 8189) and had no issues downloading the same installer. He then updated his DAT file to 8190 and now cannot download the same file. Is this a false positive? If so, how can this be resolved. We need GoToAssit Express for support of our customers.


      All workstations are on Windows 7, VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i E